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About Van Isle Hazmat

Van Isle Hazmat is Vancouver Island’s leading hazardous materials abatement and demolition company.

Benefit from our extensive experience as we deliver comprehensive and practical solutions that are specifically customized to meet your unique requirements.

At Van Isle Hazmat, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your diverse needs. Our expertise extends from conducting initial building material testing and handling legal documentation submittals to efficiently removing identified hazardous materials and complete structural demolition. Whether it involves conducting thorough initial material testing, creating customized removal strategies tailored to your needs, or managing the complexities of building demolition, our team is well-equipped and experienced to deliver exceptional results.

Hazmat Consulting


We specialize in asbestos, lead, and mould testing services, providing comprehensive solutions to identify and assess potential hazards in residential and commercial environments. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced testing methods and equipment to deliver accurate and reliable results. With a focus on ensuring the safety of our clients, we offer efficient and professional testing services to support informed decision-making and mitigate potential health risks.

Hazardous Materials Removal

Hazardous Materials Removal

Van Isle Hazmat stands out as a trusted industry leader in residential and commercial hazardous material removal and remediation. With our comprehensive services, including asbestos and lead removal, mould remediation, demolition services, and more, we address a wide range of environmental concerns. By prioritizing professionalism and safety, we ensure that each job is performed with utmost care and precision, safeguarding the well-being of you and your loved ones.

Hazardous Material Survey

Hazardous Material Survey

Van Isle Hazmat offers customized testing and cost-effective recommendations that effectively meet the specific needs of your project. With our extensive resources and expertise, we can conduct comprehensive hazardous material surveys for projects of any size or complexity. By exclusively partnering with highly qualified technicians and trusted laboratories in North America, we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring strict adherence to proper procedures and compliance.

Trusted Services

At Van Isle Hazmat, our qualified professionals are dedicated to effectively remediating properties with asbestos, lead, and mould concerns. With extensive experience, we work collaboratively with homeowners and contractors to ensure the successful expertise of hazardous building materials.

Hazardous materials surveys

Hazardous Material Surveys

Structures built before 1990 are subject to WorkSafeBC mandates, which require a thorough hazardous material investigation. This investigation is followed by a detailed report that identifies and assesses the location and condition of hazardous materials before any removal activities take place.

Asbestos removal


Rely on the expertise of our professionals for your asbestos requirements. We specialize in conducting commercial and residential asbestos testing, as well as providing remediation and demolition services.

Lead removal


In commercial, industrial, and residential settings, it is crucial to ensure the professional removal of these materials as a mandatory requirement.

Mould removal services


Our specialized team provides a wide range of mould services, encompassing efficient mould removal, thorough testing, and detailed inspections for residential and commercial properties.

Ozone treatment


Our team utilizes advanced ozone technology to eliminate strong odours effectively and permanently. This powerful method is highly effective in targeting unpleasant odours, mould, mildew and hazardous spores.

Biohazard remediation


Our technicians are committed to adhering to the highest technical and ethical standards with a focus on discretion and compassion, we ensure a sensitive and caring approach to our work.

Air Testing

Air Testing

Our team specializes in providing comprehensive services and solutions for air quality testing and improvement. Whether it’s detecting pollutants, identifying sources of contamination, or implementing mitigation measures, our team is committed to ensuring that you breathe cleaner, healthier air.

Deconstruction services


Our team of highly skilled technicians is equipped to deconstruct your building with precision, dismantling it piece by piece. This approach allows us to maximize salvage potential by carefully identifying and preserving valuable materials while minimizing landfill waste.

demolition and deconstruction services


When it comes to demolition needs, we are your go-to solution. As your first point of contact, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and professional services for both residential and commercial properties.

Client Reviews

Dedicated to safety and proper remediation of homes and businesses. Let us be your first call for asbestos removal, mold removal, and restoration.

Van Isle Hazmat is a fantastic company. They were so helpful from the first call, very friendly, flexible and communicative through the whole process. The crew worked hard and were very professional from start to clean up. I appreciate them making this a stress-free experience and recommend their services.

While I have not had occasion to use this business, I would definitely do so based on conversations I’ve had with Robert. He was extremely helpful and generous in answering my questions about an asbestos-contaminated site, even though it was clear that the time he took with me would not garner him any income. His thoughtfulness and professionalism speak well of the company.

The team at Van Isle Hazmat take pride in their work, and have excellent communication. We would highly recommend using them for your hazmat needs!

These folks are great! I had lead-painted shingles to dispose of, and they took care of them promptly. Claire was extremely responsive and helpful, they came to look at the pile before giving me a quote, arrived on time (early, actually), and did a fabulous job of getting all the pieces and leaving a clean site. I highly recommend them.

I used Van Isle Hazmat for an asbestos removal job in my home. After getting a few quotes Van Isle had the best price and were the easiest to deal with of all the companies in town. The job was done professionally and safely and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

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